This Halloween, Take Off Your Mask

take-off-the-maskEven though Halloween only comes once a year, it’s safe to say that most of us dress up every day. Whether it’s putting on make-up to contour our face or wearing an uncomfortable outfit, there are times that we’ve all hidden our true selves to become more appealing to the rest of the world.

But when you start dating someone, it’s important to remember that your mask can only stay on for so long. When you begin to really like a person, the real you starts to shine through and that’s who they should be falling for, not a masked version of yourself that you present to them because you feel that’s the only way they may continue to like you.

Using your mask to attract people may work at first but if you feel that the only way to be loved by another is to be a disguised version of yourself then you are certainly wrong. And it’s okay to be wrong, but you need to remember that what you need more than this façade is confidence.

Have confidence in your unmasked self. Let the person you are falling for see you with a bare face, your glasses on, and your favourite plaid pajama pants (in the comfort of your own home of course). Let them see the real you and this will tell exude confidence, which in turn is actually really hot.

This day and age, as we all filter our lives and feel the pressures of looking camera ready at any moment, it’s important to remember that you want to date someone, love someone, who knows who you are beyond the filter. Anyone else is not worth it.

If you are only interested in people that seem to only be interested in your looks, then my friend, it’s time to re-evaluate the people you are surrounding yourself. When you find the right person, they are not going to care what your complexion looks like. They are not going to care if your hair is long, or short, or brown or blonde. They aren’t going to care about the clothes you wear to accentuate your best features.

No, the right person is going to love you for your inner beauty more than anything. The right person may be initially attracted to your looks but that won’t keep them around. What will keep them around is substance. A good sense of humour, a kind heart, an inner confidence that protrudes through your smile. These are qualities that you may be masking when you put your mask on every day and keep it on as you begin to date someone new.

So, this Halloween, take off your mask. Let the world and your potential partners see the real you. Allow yourself to love who you are outside of the costume you feel makes you worthy. Because, I promise you, when you find the right person they are going to see you looking all kinds of horrid. They are going to see you at your absolute worst, but guess what? That’s what love is all about.

Happy Halloween!

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