Find Your Backbone! Ladies! Listen up, you keep wondering why you can’t find a guy but what you should really be looking for is your backbone.

Maybe you had one–once–but you probably lost it when you dated that asshole who treated you like shit and made you feel like backbones are good for nothing anyway. Well, guess what, that asshole is long gone but you still haven’t managed to regain your confidence. Sure, you probably think you’re tough and that you’ve got it all together but do you really? I’m     gonna guess… no!

Don’t worry though, it’s perfectly normal and the more people I meet, the more I realize that backbones are as common as common sense…. which we all know is not that common at all. Don’t get down on yourself because you’re down on confidence, that will only make things worse. You have to start seeing the good in yourself, and really BELIEVING it. Until you realize how fabulous you are, no one else will–especially not that sexy guy at the gym who keeps eyeing you up and down. Sure, you’re hot but what else can you offer besides a plate of self-pity and a side serving of pessimism?

That’s the key. Find out what you’re good at and what you can offer this world. Backbones don’t have to be located in the spinal region, by all means if your talent is singing maybe your backbone lies in your vocal chords? Good at tap dancing? Check those feet out and maybe you’ll find more than just funny looking shoes? Maybe your only talent lies in completing a Sudoku puzzle in record speed…. well that in itself shows you have some brains in your head so use that beautiful mind to create the life you want to live.

Yes, I know I’m making it sound easy, when really, it’s a lot more complicated. But the complication here is yourself. Once you open yourself up to the possibility that you’re awesome, things will come together. Guys dig girls who love life and know who they are. They can sense when a girl is unsure about herself and there’s no bigger turn-off than a woman who thinks she’s worthless.

Maybe you’re somewhere in between…. maybe that backbone is partially regrown and you’re just having trouble connecting it to your life. Your heart knows you’re worth it but your mind likes to play tricks on you and throw you off the positive path from time to time. Well that’s okay because it’s a start and that beats going backwards.

Next time your mind tries to put you down and make you feel like garbage, remember that how you feel on the inside directly influences how you are seen on the outside. Thus, if you feel like garbage everyday, you’ll start looking like garbage…. maybe you’ll still be hot, but the stench will always find a way into your personality. So, perhaps before you go out on your search for Mr. Right, you need to grab that road map called YOU, pull out your compass, put on your best shoes, and FIND your backbone.

You’re gonna need it.

‘Til next time,
The Love Hawk

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