Optimism Opens Doors

So, you’re down in the dumps and you’re thinking why me?! Why does everything suck? You can’t get a good guy and when you do, it doesn’t work out. Maybe you’re having trouble finding a job or your money situation is garbage. I’m sure you find yourself looking around wondering why everyone else’s lives are coming together great and you’re stuck in one spot–with reverse as your only option.

positivityWell, the truth is, if you believe nothing will get better, you’re right. If you believe you don’t deserve the good things you’ll never get them. BUT if you start understanding the reason why you aren’t getting the things you want, you can make it better. So, now that all that negativity is out of the way, let’s bring in my friend Optimism.

People aren’t lying when they say positivity is the key to life. Humans create their own realities so you need to start living an optimistic life and I can promise you, things will turn around. If you’ve been having trouble with relationships, consider this: you’re negative attitude is not attractive. People don’t want to get to know a Debbie Downer and even if you draw on a nice smile and fake an impressive laugh on your first dates, you will still be giving off an energy that others around you can feel. Positive people are happy people and happy people are pretty people.

So many people think that being a positive person means only SAYING optimistic things. This is untrue. You can go around saying you’re happy, you’re great, you’re dandy but unless you start truly feeling that energy, nothing will change. Don’t get me wrong, you’re heading in the right direction because saying positive things is a perfect start, but now you have to start BELIEVING them.

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen people go to bars and say “Man, I never get the good guys” or “I won’t meet anyone tonight, I never do”. That’s when I look them in the eye and tell them they aren’t getting what they want because they don’t believe they can! They go out and automatically shoot off negative energy that keeps guys away…. the sleazy guys might be too drunk to see it so these girls often still find someone to go home with, but in the end they aren’t meeting the “right” guy because they aren’t using positive energy to attract him.

The honest truth is: If you want something you can get it. Yes, we’ve heard our parents tell us this since Kindergarten but they were right! You should never go to a bar thinking you CAN’T pick up that hot guy in the corner. You need to go to that bar and KNOW that you’ll get him (providing he’s single). When you let go of your insecurities and start going after you want, believing you will get it…you’ll see the world is within your grasp. This goes for anything: friends, job, money. If you’re down about life and can’t get out of the hole you’re in, fashion a rope full of REAL optimism and crawl out of the shit you’re stuck in.

It’s really not that hard and you may get knocked down a few times, but life throws even the most positive person a knuckle punch sometimes. The difference between that person and you, is that she understands things will get better. She knows that being positive will attract good energy and her attitude will attract good things. So keep a smile on your face, start small. Go out and unlock that confidence within you because you deserve good things and your life can get better. Just remember, if you will it to happen–good or bad–the results will be in your favour. So stop being a Negative Nancy and start opening doors with your optimism.

Your Eternal Optimist,
The Love Hawk

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