I am Shannon Ferguson and I love love. After always being the go-to friend for relationship advice I decided it was time to introduce my straight-shooting philosophies to the rest of the world.

My favourite thing is understanding people and the little things that make everyone unique and similar, all at the same time. I have degrees in Communication Studies, Psychology, and Broadcast Journalism but it’s the school of life (and many bottles of wine shared with friends) that taught me most of what I know about love and relationships.

I’m a girly-girl who thinks like a guy, so often times I can see both sides of the coin with ease. I use my positive attitude to help others see the best in life and always try to make the most out of each day. My optimistic mind set and love of life help me give people the no-holds-barred advice they really need. I enjoy giving straight-up, no-fluff love help that everyone can understand and relate to. I’ll tell you what everyone else is thinking but too scared to admit.

The Love Hawk was born while I was working in Digital Marketing and always found myself helping my lovely co-workers through their relationship problems. I decided to marry my passion of writing with my love for helping others in the realm of dating and so began my journey as The Love Hawk. My hope is to also help you, even if we’ve never met, to know that you are not alone in the crazy relationship world and this thing called life.

Be positive. Be nice. Be loved.


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  1. Hey Love Hawk! Would love your imput on my #GoDoFly movement. It is brand new and in the works. It all about sharing outstanding stories and even powertalks. Something that you do oh so well. Check more out here: http://www.thealwaysbeliever.com/godofly Any help counts into making this something bigger and better. That is my goal, spread the love and keep at it. Thanks so much and keep that great work up!

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