Touch & Tell- A Valentine’s Day Must-Have

As busy startup co-founders who are also dating, Kris and I often overlook the amazing bond we have. For the past four years, we’ve spent almost every day together 24/7 so when we had the chance to mix it up a little with a new game, we tried it out.

Touch & Tell is a card game for couples, from those on first dates to those who have been married for 30 years, it’s super simple and easy to play. It’s not a dirty game, by any means, and it’s purpose is to help you open up to your partner, while using the sense of touch to get a deeper understanding of each other. I’m sure the real risqué couples could make it dirty, if they’d like, but Kris and I have only played the meek & mild, connection based version (so far)!

Kris was a bit apprehensive at first. I assume it’s a guy thing. He was going on about how we already know everything about each other and how could we possibly learn more? Also, because we have been together for so long, we have far outgrown the touchy-feely days of yesteryear when it was all about the butterflies.

I was eager to give it a try and as a lifelong student of Communications, I’m always curious as to how we can be better communicators within our relationships. I know mine and Kris’s situation is a little different as we had been working together from home, in the same office, long before the pandemic made it a thing and it was only when we heard so many people complaining about being “locked up” with their partners that we realized we were the lucky ones.

But alas, even the lucky ones need to actively work on their communication skills because that’s what really leads you to that deeper connection. Touch & Tell took some getting used to at first, especially since Kris and I are similar overthinkers who allowed some of the initial awkwardness to make us laugh like silly teenagers.

But the more we played, the more we enjoyed it and really had to think deeply about some of our responses. I for one love having my back ticked so we substituted back rubs for back tickles when it came to my turn and I was so relaxed I turned into a melty gob of nostalgia, answering questions about my pets from the past to times I got in trouble as a teenager (nothing serious, don’t worry).

Overall, it’s a fun game but I really think it’s more than a game- it’s almost a type of therapy. Especially nowadays, as we live through this pandemic, it’s important to find ways to not only amuse yourself but also connect on a deeper level and Touch & Tell has helped Kris and I do just that.

Valentine’s Day is coming up and this would be a fantastic gift to get that special someone in your life! Most of us won’t be able to enjoy fancy Valentine’s Day dinners out so bring the party to you this year. Grab a bottle of wine and the Touch & Tell game to make it a night to remember. There’s really no better Valentine’s Day to connect, communicate and get to know each other in a new way.

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