You Should Go and Love Yourself

Valentine’s Day: For some, it’s a day of great joy and romance and for others it makes them feel like complete downers, destined to be alone for the rest of their life. Whether you are the former or latter, there is one important thing you should remind yourself this February 14th.

the love hawk- love yourselfEvery day is a new opportunity to recognize your worth. Each year you have 365 new days to wake up and acknowledge what a wonderful person you are and to remember that you are so loved. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a blossoming relationship, a so-so co-habitation, a beautiful marriage or if you’re awesomely single because at the end of the day you are always, always in a relationship with yourself.

You should feel loved every single day, you should be kind to yourself on the crummy days and give yourself a pat on the back during the days when you kill it. You are worthy of your own love no matter your relationship status and this is what you need to remind yourself this Valentine’s Day.

So many of us walk around craving love, yearning for validation that we’re good enough but often forgetting how close our own hearts really are. Instead, we speak with a negative inner dialogue convincing ourselves that we’re not good enough, not strong enough, not enough period. But the funny thing is, we are all enough.

So this Valentine’s Day, whether you will be lavished with flowers and chocolate by your special someone or if you’re planning on ordering a heart-shaped pizza by yourself and binge watching Netflix, allow yourself to acknowledge how utterly fabulous your truly are. So often we get caught up in showing everyone around us how much they are loved that we forget, in the chaos, to also whisper to ourselves “I love who I am, I love who I have become and I love who I am learning to be”. This February 14th, you should go and love yourself.

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