The Night America Broke My Heart

shc2I’ve always loved America. My neighbour to the south always held such appeal; Hopes, dreams, and a certain coolness that made it seem like a great place to live. Don’t get me wrong, I love Canada with all my heart but the US has always been that high school quarterback who everyone wants to date but most don’t get the chance to. Canada has been a lucky one and we’ve always gotten to dance together. We have grown to truly care for the United States and for its well-being.

Tonight, America broke my heart. Like a naïve teenager I believed that the people of this “great” country would deny hatred, would turn down racism, sexism, and xenophobia. I had high hopes for a relationship that would continue to flourish and I thought that with the world watching, Americans would prove that they are innately good. I trusted the quarterback and he misled me.

I am sad. Like a breakup that you didn’t expect or have time to prepare for, I feel jilted. I was giddy and excited to watch the states elect the first woman as president, to watch history be made in a more positive light than the history Trump is making. It’s like being asked out to dinner by the person you’ve become infatuated with, pumped up to order your favourite meal, only to be told before the food even arrives that it’s over.

And is it ever over. The love I had for this country has changed in a matter of hours. It makes me re-evaluate what motivates the people who live just 10 minutes away from my Canadian border town. It makes me wonder what people are thinking and why it felt right for them to vote for someone filled with so much hatred. While I always knew there were issues with Clinton, I never thought it would come to this. I had faith in Hillary and I am having trouble wrapping my head around what happened tonight.

So, as this night comes to a close and I go to bed sad, confused, and broken hearted I wonder if this quarterback, who was once the star of the show, will become that “has-been” in adulthood. That person who once held all the glory and who everyone wanted a piece of who heads down that well-known road, becoming a disheveled man-child with a beer gut who once had it all but spiraled downhill in a hurry and isn’t hot at all anymore.

America, your decision broke a lot of hearts tonight. Your true colours have now become apparent and the rest of the world is noticing. We know half of your heart is pure and even if the numbers don’t prove it, in the end, love will always trump hate. We just wish you loved us back as much as we have always loved you.

2 thoughts on “The Night America Broke My Heart

  1. My heart is broken for America. I cannot believe my fellow countrymen voted for someone who has no facts; no plans. These no/low information voters seem to truly believe he is just going to make things “great” or replace things with “terrific” – no need for any details or specifics. What happens if what he thinks is “great” and “terrific” is not the same to you? I tried hard to understand why people are so into him. I read articles where people say he’s going to bring jobs back to the USA but when it’s pointed out to them that he manufactures his clothing overseas they don’t care. WHAT? Others say Hillary would repeal the 2nd amendment and come take their guns but when it’s pointed out that she never said anything resembling that they don’t care, they insist on believing the lie(s). WHY? I’m left with a deep grief that my fellow Americans are so content repeating rumors as facts and betting our future on a reality television persona so low on any actual plans. They’re so proud he has no experience while not bothering to explain why they believe that can possibly help anything. Also, how are all of the Christians more into the guy who is on his third wife and keeps divorcing his wives for younger women when Hillary’s been married to the same dude forever? This does not make any logical sense on any level so I’m left facing the ugly truth: Trump makes it okay for all of the hateful, racist, sexist, xenophobic people to come out of the shadows and be their true selves again. I am absolutely sick about this.

  2. White America vs diverse America………. white America won! diverse America is now feeling what white America felt when Obama took office: A Broken heart and sadness because the country has been over taken by the opposition. get used to the feeling for the next four years because its your turn to understand the feelings and outcry of the whites that you have ignored and condemned 8 years ago when Obama was elected. payback is a bitch

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