He’s Your Ex For a Reason

You broke up six months ago but you’re still sleeping with him and sneaking around thinking things are starting to get better? Well, sorry to burst your colourful bubble full of glitter and unicorn dust but you’re wasting your time.

You’ve successfully managed to convince yourself that somewhere in his heart he still loves you and can’t live without you. Perhaps it’s true, maybe a section of his heart will always have your name on it but if he really couldn’t live without you then he would commit to you, again. If he’s not committing to you, and ONLY you, then stop making excuses for him and stop giving him what he wants.

You see, he’s the real winner in this situation. He’s getting a piece whenever he wants, he knows you’d do anything for him, but he doesn’t have to call you his girlfriend. He can live the life of  a single man while reaping the benefits of someone who actually puts in the time and effort. And whyyy is he doing this? It’s simple: You’re LETTING him!

By allowing him to come over anytime he wants and get his fill, you’re telling him that it’s okay to treat you this way. Ever notice how he doesn’t send you sweet Good Morning texts but rather keeps his messages for late evening (and sometimes midnight or later)? He’s doing it because he can, and don’t think he’s not doing it with other girls too.

I get that you love him, you’d rather have him around half the time as a “friend” than not at all. Maybe he helps you with housework sometimes or gives you a ride when your car is in the shop, so you’re all like… Oh my God, this is going somewhere finally! Then you don’t hear from him for a week. Well, he clearly doesn’t love you because when you love someone you don’t wanna go a day without talking to them. You want to be with them as much as possible, and you certainly don’t want to take advantage of their vulnerabilities.

imagesIt’s time to realize that your relationship took a sour turn for the worst and that’s why you broke up. You need to know that unless we’re talking about Warheads or Sour Patch Kids…. sour means BAD and you have to remember that there’s a reason why he’s your ex.

By always going back to him, you’re not allowing other guys the opportunity to get to know you. Sure, you go on a few dates here and there but your mind always wanders back to him. You’re hindering yourself every single time you answer his call or text message and you will never meet “Mr. Right” if you don’t completely cut “Mr. Wrong” out of your life.

You need to start believing that you’re worth more than a booty call and a half-ass cuddle. If you want to be wooed, if you want flowers, if you want LOVE, then you need to know that you are worthy of it. Sounds super cliché but it’s true. Let your ex go, remember the good times, but stop relying on him for those butterflies.

If you meant that much to him he would commit so stop making excuses for him and cut him out cold-turkey today…. or answer his call and feel like shit for the next three days.

The choice is yours, make the right one!

Over all my exes and couldn’t be happier,

The Love Hawk

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