How Much Do You Suck?

So many times we blame others for the things that go wrong in our lives. We complain that nothing gets done because other people never know what they’re doing and we sit back and mope every time something goes awry. Sorry, but the truth is, you suck.

LoserYou are the one who sucks if you make excuses for not getting shit done. You suck if you worry about things that are out of your control and you suck even more if you complain about things within your control but do nothing to fix them. Stop blaming things on everyone else and start taking matters into your own hands.

Stop letting people walk all over you while you whimper in the background, scared to speak up and hurt anyone’s feelings. Stop looking away when a hot guy is trying to make eye contact with you. Stop limiting yourself when you have every opportunity to make the most of yourself, every single day. Stop SUCKING.

You are often scared to go after what you want because you are scared to hear no or scared to fail. You dream small because big dreams seem so out of reach and you don’t want to look like a fool if something falls through. Who the heck cares if you look like a fool? No one will remember in a week or two if you fail but if you succeed you could be remembered forever. So suck it up, buttercup, and stop acting like a (excuse my french) pussy.

If you want something, get it. You say it’s not as easy as that? You can’t make that person you’re crushing on like you, you can’t get your dream job because you’re not qualified, you can’t afford that new car. Stop saying the word “Can’t”. Your excuses weaken you and the truth is, the thing you need most here is confidence. That confidence will attract the things (and people) you want in your life and knowing you are capable will boost your sexy factor, 100%. After you gain that confidence, go out and get the skills you need to succeed in your dream job and hey, once you have it, save your pennies and, boom, one day you will have that car. It’s the simplest thing but it always seems so hard.

So, yes, you do suck, even if you don’t want to admit it. You suck when you give up before you even give it a try and you suck when you throw in the towel just before the finish line. Stop shying away from the things that will make you happy and start ramming the doors open to your new life, head first and without hesitation. You are as capable as every other person on this planet. The difference between the ones who succeed and the ones who don’t is a mix of perseverance, confidence, and knowing that they don’t suck.

You suck. If you believe it, then start by getting yourself some confidence. If you know you don’t, then do something about it.

Sucking is only cool if you’re Monica Lewinsky (wait, that was actually kinda gross, wasn’t it?),
The Love Hawk

5 thoughts on “How Much Do You Suck?

  1. I don’t understand why you choose to curse and use foul language in your writing. It is quite annoying that you can’t get your point across without swearing. I hope that young girls aren’t reading your blogs. Especially when you sign off by suggesting that oral sex with a married man is cool. Terrible example of cool.
    I thought this blog was supposed to focus on bettering yourself. You suck if you swear.

    • Hi Jessica,

      I can fully get my point across without swearing but I choose to write this way because I personally find it to be the most real and it is the tone I take with many of my posts. I’m sorry that you are annoyed and seemingly disappointed with my intermittent (this post contains two) use of curse words and it’s a shame you can’t see through the “bad” words to the real point of this post (or any of my other posts).

      My writing is not intended for young girls, and if one were to come across this post, I am quite sure my sarcastic Monica Lewinsky reference would fly right over their head.

      Thank you for your comment. In the future I will continue to use the necessary language I feel gets my point across in the most honest way. If you think I suck, then that’s fine because I do and I can tell you that my husband really enjoys it. 😉

  2. I think that your language, much like some nude scenes on tv or in movies, are used to make a point or to emphasize a point. Your language in this article is perfect for the message that you’re trying to get across. 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m glad some people appreciate the way in which I emphasize my points at times. Its really too bad not everyone understands my reasoning but that’s life and as the saying goes: Haters gonna hate.

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