The Love Hawk is Live On-Air

radioradiolove-573Sometimes things come into fruition in ways we could never imagine. I’m a firm believer that if we work hard, pay our dues, and never stop improving our craft we can only go upwards. But it’s more than that; it’s believing in our dreams, it’s staying positive when life gets hard, and it’s putting ourselves out there even when it seems scary. Turning The Love Hawk into a radio show is one more success I have found myself embedded in and I am so proud of how far this little blog has come and how many people it has reached. Thank you to every supporter, believer, and silent follower who has helped me create something bigger than I ever thought possible. You are what motivates me.

Check out past shows now and listen live every Tuesday at 6pm EST on the Dunet Communications Network. A huge thank you to DCN for giving me the opportunity to bring The Love Hawk to (radio) life!

The Love Hawk on DCN Archives

Letters to The Love Hawk (February 2)

What to do if You’re Somebody’s Sidepiece (January 19)

Ways ‘The Bachelor’ Can Help Our Relationships (January 12)

10 Relationship Goals for 2016 (January 5)



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