An Open Letter to my Husband on Valentine’s Day

Sometimes, you really piss me off. Sometimes, it annoys me when you obsess over every little thing that could go wrong and stress us both out. Sometimes, I wish you would be more into Reality TV and watch my shows with me instead of watching sports 24/7. Sometimes, I wish you would grumble less when I ask you to bring up the many boxes of Christmas decorations when I know you’re ultimately going to do it anyway. Sometimes, I wish you were more artsy and liked photography and scrapbooking as much as I do. Sometimes, I get discouraged and wish we were just more alike.

But most of the time, no, all of the time, you make me happy. I am always happy that you can make me laugh even after our worst fights and I am always grateful that you apologize when you know you have hurt my feelings. I always appreciate the tiny details you pay attention to and mull over with a fine tooth comb, because these are the things that help to give us the life we have. I always think it’s sexy how much you love sports and how your athleticism is something we will pass on to our children to keep them healthy instead of sitting them in front of Reality TV and turning their brains to mush. I am always aware that you help me out even when you don’t feel like it and that means so much to me because I know you’re doing it out of love. I know you will never be artsy but I am always thankful that you are able to use your hands to fix the things that break around the house and use your strength to move the heaviest of furniture. I am always thankful that we have a friendship that is based not on how similar we are but how we can see each other’s differences and find love in each other’s flaws.

shannonclintweddingSometimes it gets hard but I know that our love defies all odds and I am always, always so lucky to have you in my life. I am lucky to have in you a best friend, a lover, a confidante, and a man who always puts me first. Not a day goes by that I am not grateful for how life brought us together and keeps us together on our darkest days. The love you have shown me encompasses my world like sunrays bathing the earth and even though dark clouds may come, I am grateful you have taught me that they will always pass. Thank you for being my sun, my moon, and my world.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Babe!


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