Your Life is Not a Fairy Tale

It’s a delusional world that we live in these days. We base our success on that of others and we are unhappy with our lives if they don’t resemble the scripted Disney movies we grew up with. Maybe it’s the excessive commercialization of weddings or the happy facades we see portrayed on our Social Media feeds day in and day out, but for some reason everyone’s looking for a fairy tale instead of accepting that their lives are good enough just as they are.

How boring would our lives be if they were scripted? If everything was already planned out and the climaxes were only useful to gauge the nearing end, would we not wish for more uncertainty? The fact that your life is not a magical fairy tale is no reason to think you got the short end of the stick, it should actually be a reason for celebration.

You have a fantastic life laid out before you and you are the writer, the director, the actor, and the critic. The constant ebb and flow of ups and downs gives your story depth and the twists and turns you can’t predict leave you breathlessly wanting more. Your heartbreaks heal you and your triumphs nurture your soul. Your past feeds your future and leaves you craving more.

The people you meet along the way–your supporting cast–are real. They exist and they live in a world not confined to a script. The bloopers you make together create uncontrived comedy and there are consequences when you put your foot in your mouth; no retakes, no outtakes, just taking the lessons learned and bringing them with you into the next act of your life.

Fairy-talePrince charming doesn’t exist and if you truly did run into a knight in shining armor riding a white horse wouldn’t you kind of wonder why some random man is dressed in fighting gear and sitting on a stead? Wouldn’t you wonder where his car is? Your real love may come by foot or he may be lost on the freeway in his Mazda 3, stuck in traffic, with a broken GPS. You may meet him in a most unexciting way but you have the ability to live your story the way you want, so do it. Make the little things count and find the excitement in every situation. Your leading man will be your co-star and he may never save you from a burning building but if he loves you and shows it, then that is enough.

Stop wishing for more when you already have it all. You are living your story at this very moment and maybe you’re not Cinderella (she had a pretty shitty life anyway) or Snow White (forced to flee her home and live with seven strange men–pretty sure that’s not your dream) but you are YOU and your story should be good enough. You’re in for twists and turns, and bumps and bruises, but you are creating something more magical than a fairy tale could ever be, something unique and original and all yours.

So, no your life is not a Fairy Tale, it is so much more. Make your story a good one, make it count, and do it for you. Stop trying to live for your audience or through their stories. Stop trying to impress the masses and start impressing yourself. Never take the characters that surround you for granted, they will add irreplaceable dimension and don’t let mistakes discourage you, instead let them build your own character. Your slate may not be completely blank but use what you have and live your life the best way you know how. Your story is in the making, don’t let it bomb.

A movie star in my own world,
The Love Hawk

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