Thank You for Ghosting Me

It was really great getting to know you. Thanks for taking me out for dinner, for paying, for the fluid conversations we seemed to have. Thanks for asking me questions about myself and for seeming interested in me. Thanks for making that effort and making me believe that maybe there was something there between us.

You see at first, I wasn’t sure I wanted anything. I was weary but you seemed like a good person so I gave you a chance. And soon, I began to realize you were really cool and smart and fun. I began to see the good in you and I let myself start to like you. I enjoyed our time together and was starting to open up to the idea that getting to know you could be a good thing.

landscape-1450969640-st-reasons-guys-ghost-151222And then you were gone. Like a ghost, you vanished from my life as quickly as you entered it and left me wondering what the hell I did wrong? I thought I was playing it cool, I thought I was likeable, I thought that we had some kind of connection but apparently, according to you and your disappearing act, I was mistaken.

I’ve never been someone to chase a person I know isn’t interested so I got the hint fairly quickly and knew the street we had been skipping down together had reached a dead end. So, with my pride intact and my heart (that I was almost willing to give to you by the way) back on my sleeve I accepted that there would be no more incoming texts from you. No more requests to hang out. No more getting to know you and no more you getting to know me.

But hey, thanks. Thanks for showing me your true colours before I had to figure them out on my own. Thanks for getting it over with and not leading me on any longer than you could have. Thanks for being immature instead of saying “Hey, I’m not really looking for anything right now but hopefully we can still be friends”… cause you know, that’s obviously too tactful to do, right?

Thank you for ghosting me and introducing me to this whole new world of dating our generation has seemingly created for itself. Thank you for showing to me that I’m not immune from liking someone who doesn’t like me back and helping to keep me humble. Thank you for those couple of weeks of fun and wondering and excitement you did give to me because, at the end of the day, I still had a nice time and I’m not going to throw away the few good memories just because you don’t have the balls to be an adult and express how you really feel.

So, yes, thank you for ghosting me. For keeping me real and for helping me to realize that my heart isn’t as hard as I once thought. Thank you for ghosting me and hurting my feelings and for reminding me that I am human and that it does suck to be ignored, as much as I say I don’t care and act like it doesn’t bother me. Thanks for taking the easy way out because, at the end of the day, all you did was help me grow and I now understand that it’s okay to be hurt but also necessary to move on from something than never even was.

I never did like ghosts anyway.


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