Maybe Our Souls Are Meant to Have More Than One Mate

Some people believe in soulmates, others think the thought is too crazy to exist. The latter have not yet experienced a bond with another person that goes beyond words, that is so deep it can only be described as magic. Connections with people happen every day; our lives are made up of connecting and networking and finding new friends and meeting new lovers, some who may stay a while and others who may only catch a glimpse of who we are. It is the connections that we feel deep in our souls that move us though, the people who come into our lives like shooting stars and we wonder how on earth we ever got along without them. Those are the people who live far past our hearts and into another realm all together.

It could be as simple as a friendship that feels like a home; another person who is so much like you, you wonder if you were separated at birth. It could be the bond between parent and child, where you know your souls are entwined; you are one entity and you feel their joys and pains, sometimes before they even happen. It could be romantic, another person who you seem to know perfectly although you just met. A person you love almost immediately for reasons beyond any earthly explanation. You feel as though they are a part of you that has been missing and when they break into your life, often times unexpectedly, you almost feel like you need to catch your breath.

puzzle-pieces-77233_240x240Maybe our souls are made up of many different pieces, all of which have a corresponding part? Maybe we don’t have one big soul but instead, maybe our soul is a puzzle meant for us to gather the missing pieces as we wander through life. This could explain why we can continue to grow and how our worlds can change in an instant. It can explain how certain people, and not just one person, are able to come fiercely into our lives and flip everything we thought we knew upside down. It explains how we grow and how we change and how everyone on this earth is so interconnected, in life and in death.

If it is true and our souls have not just ONE certain mate, but many parts available to be connected through a force beyond our power, why do so many of us pigeon hole ourselves to one person? Why do we think there is just one person out there who will make us whole? So many times people cannot get over an old flame because they believe their soul depends on that love, but maybe it doesn’t. The idea behind one perfect person for everyone is nice but how beautiful is to think that our souls can blend with more than just one. How amazing is it to think that past loves and future loves, best friends and parents, can all combine together into one magnificent puzzle that completes your being.

Life is made up of the people we meet, some we connect with and others we don’t. Some whose puzzle pieces fit with ours and others whose pieces we just can’t interlock with, no matter how hard we try. But it is those who know you seemingly better than you know yourself that make the difference. It is those souls that fill an opening that no one else could who give your life meaning. That void you feel disappearing when you meet them is simply the puzzle pieces of your souls snapping into place and bridging a gap that you didn’t even realize you had. So, when life gets hard and you feel alone, remember that your soul is deep and far reaching and that everyone comes into our lives for a reason. Don’t allow breakups, distance, or death to discredit the connection you once had with another human being because in the end souls are endless and if we open our mind to the possibility that we all have more than just one soulmate, we may see the world is full of possibilities.

3 thoughts on “Maybe Our Souls Are Meant to Have More Than One Mate

  1. Well this article attracted me to your site. I have experienced this first hand having fallen in love deeply with a woman, true and beautiful and felt a deep void filled in that milieu of love. After 4 years things became normal and then I met another woman who connected like ying and yang – and now I was in love with both of them at the same time – talking about flipping all the disney programmings. Being spiritual and meditative since last 8 years I was able to be open for these possibilities. I agree with you that life is larger than any societal conventions or disney programmings.

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