The Difference Between Good and Great Relationships

A good relationship; I’m sure you’ve had one before, maybe you’ve even had many along the way but have you ever been in a relationship that was just better than the rest, that was great? What people are scared to admit these days is that more often than not we are getting into “good” relationships, decent partnerships that add companionship to our lives, but we’re not finding real love. We’re settling for less and we’re okay with it. We’re convincing ourselves that we’ve found love with someone when what we actually love is that we’re no longer alone. We love the company, the dates, and having someone to sleep next to. We love the idea of a relationship so much that we allow ourselves to get stuck in situations that may go on for years, dating someone we don’t love and at times, barely even like.

But imagine if people stopped settling and instead waited for something great. Something awesome. A relationship with passion and fireworks and that feeling where you both look at each other and feel real love in the pit of your stomach. Someone you look at and just think “I fucking love the shit out of you”. Sure, fireworks fade over time but a lot of relationships don’t even get to that point. At best, their excitement is more comparable to a sparkler on a birthday cake that sizzles out after 30 seconds. That’s good, it’s nice while it lasts but no one can deny that fireworks are better; they’re great.

We need to stop being with people just for the sake of having a relationship. Sure, it’s always fun in the beginning while you’re getting to know someone but deep down we all know pretty early on if we’re with someone who gives us all the feels or not. And maybe after years of being together and basking in the mediocrity, the only feels you get is that you’re stuck. After all, you’ve already spent so much time and put so much effort into this one person (that you never truly loved) that you can’t give up now, because having a decent relationship is better than not having one at all? Right? Ugh, not true. Sure, if you love someone in the right way, of course you should fight for them. You should always try to make it work. But if you know deep down in your heart that your relationship was never one of the GREAT ones, why do you stay?

There are too many people who yearn for great romances but never find them because they are happy to settle for less. Maybe they had something great once and have since settled for something good because they don’t think they’ll find real love again. But maybe, for most, they’ve never known what real love is, what a great relationship can be like. So, not knowing any better they flit around from good to decent to mediocre relationship thinking that’s as good as it gets. Yes, relationships are hard and they aren’t always fun but imagine going through tough times with someone you love instead of someone you can just stand being around? Wouldn’t that make for much better downs knowing that your highs are so much more meaningful?

Ultimately, the difference between a good and a great relationship is love. Real, true, knock your socks off love. When you feel like the luckiest person in the world because that person chose you. When you could be in a room full of people but the only person you see is them. When even life’s challenges seem a bit easier just because they’re by your side. That’s love and that’s what a great relationship is made of. If you’re nodding your head in agreement then you’ve most likely found love like that before, if you’re totally and utterly confused by the aforementioned description of a great relationship then you’ve probably never been in one. Think about it.

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