When Things Go Awry, Don’t Go Away

Writing, at first glance, seems pretty easy but in reality it takes time, thought, and a decent amount of guts. Putting yourself out there to be judged by people you know and strangers alike can be a daunting experience, and often times it takes courage and a few deep breaths to post an article you know may ruffle some feathers.

too-positive-quoteMy life has taken many drastic turns in the past few months and while I always thought writing was my outlet I actually found myself shying away from it. I had so many thoughts but none that I could articulate and when I was finally able to put words on paper, my article got published by Elite Daily which was a major accomplishment and something I am extremely proud of.  Unfortunately, not everyone was as enthused by “It Happens: 7 Reasons Why Getting Divorced In Your 20s Isn’t The End Of The World” as I was.

The backlash from strangers stung a bit but it was the hurtful things I heard from people I knew that broke my heart. My attempt at dry humour and my sarcasm clearly fell short and while my article was not directed at anyone in particular and was instead a generalization directed at a whole generation, some people felt I was out of line.

My writing is never meant to be malicious or hurtful. I write to inspire, to motivate, and to let people know they are not alone on this ride called life. I often write articles with my friends in mind. I listen to their troubles, their issues, and their dilemmas and then I write my blog posts in the same fashion I would give them advice if they were sitting right in front of me. Not everything I write about is specific to events happening in my life at the moment and many times, I give advice based on things I have learned from experiences that may have occurred years ago.

In all honestly, I had been avoiding writing because I didn’t know what to say. Life got hard. I found myself unable to take my own advice and I got discouraged. I allowed my insecurities to keep me from moving forward and doing the one thing that I love to do—write. When I finally did, I thought about what I would tell any of my friends if they were in my shoes.

I realize that not everyone will always like what I write and that many will oftentimes disagree with my opinions but I just hope that everyone who reads this understands that my articles are meant to invoke positivity and help others who may need to hear that someone else out there understands.

So, even though many folks hated my article, I know there are many people that it helped and if I was able to make just one person feel empowered and a little less alone then I did my job and I cannot apologize for that. The timing of it all? Well, tact has never been my forte.

I’m Baaaack,
The Love Hawk

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