Always Say “I Love You”

This week I learnt how short life really is and how strong love can be. It’s safe to say most of us take life for granted and allow minor things to consume us. We stress out over things we have no control over, we worry about how others feel about us, and we let our pride get in the way of telling people how we much we really love them. In the end, we won’t be remembered for the stress we carried or the petty arguments we had, instead it will be the happy memories, the smiles, the laughter, and the good we did that will shape our memory and that’s what we should all work on while we’re here.

Some people are magnets for happiness. They make others laugh and are a constant reminder of what a good person really is. Their friends look up to them and they help shape the lives of so many.  If everyone in the world were like these people, it would truly be a better place. So, when we lose a great person it’s important to remember that spreading joy goes a lot further than spreading  hate and that we really can change the world if we all just smiled a little bit more. It’s not fair that the people with the most light inside of them always seem to go too soon but if we can learn anything from tragedy, it’s that we need to love as much as we can while we are still here.

i-love-you-repeatWe need to let people know when we care for them. We shouldn’t be scared of the word “love” and we shouldn’t be shy to put it out there. We should never feel bad for loving with all of our heart and making it known to the world. However you do it, let it be known that you care. Hold your hugs for an extra moment, send a quick text to let them know, and always try to say “I love you” when you leave, because you never know if it will be the last time you’ll get the chance.

Since I was a child, I’ve been obsessed with telling those closest to me that I love them for fear that I might lose them. Some people don’t understand but I urge everyone to do it more. It doesn’t cost anything, it only takes a second, and in the end it is comforting. Saying it too much doesn’t mean it loses value or becomes less meaningful; on the contrary it opens you up to a life with less holds barred–a world that is a little brighter.

In the wake of a loss, we all seem to re-evaluate our own lives and wonder what’s in store. No one can predict what tomorrow will bring but we can be the best version of ourselves while we are here today. It says a lot when a person can impact not only those closest to him, but the people affected by extension. It says a lot when a person shines so bright, that his light floods onto those who only knew him for a short time. It says a lot when you can see the impact a person had on all the lives of those around him. So, while you’re here, be that light. Be that smiling face, be that person who always tells your family, friends, and partner how much you love them, and be the goodness that the world needs.

Angels often walk among us to make the world a better place and show us that goodness really exists. They never truly go away and they live among us in our minds, our memories, our hearts, and who we became because of them. Sometimes angels leave too soon but before they go, know that they made you strong enough to cope, they taught you about real love, and they showed you what life is truly about.

To every angel that the world was lucky enough to meet, thank you.
The Love Hawk

2 thoughts on “Always Say “I Love You”

  1. I have always been the first to say I’m sorry and i love you .for fear of never getting the chance to say it again. One of my favorite songs when i was young was if tomorrow never comes by garth brooks

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