Americans: You are in an Abusive Relationship with Trump

TrumpAmerica, maybe you can’t see it yourself, but you are in an abusive relationship with Donald Trump and it’s time for you to break up.

Many know me online as a blogger about love and relationships. Many see my blonde hair and don’t take me seriously or think I could never know anything more than silly celebrity gossip. But those who know me well, know that I am also a journalist. They know that I have had a personal love affair with America since as long as I can remember. That, although being a Canadian, I can name every state and its capital with ease and am extremely brushed up on my American history and politics.

Most of my writing focuses on the personal relationships we hold with each other but I’ve decided to broaden my spectrum, just this once. Because, you see, I have noticed my neighbour to the south is in the midst of their own relationship crisis. Love and humanity is working in overdrive trying to overcome one man, but still I am terrified of what I am seeing unfold before my eyes. As I watch from the safety of my Canadian living room, I am scared of the potential outcome that could become more than just an American problem. A situation that will affect the whole world if it comes into fruition.

I obviously cannot vote in this election, so I realize many may think I should mind my own business. I’ve thought of this and come to one conclusion. If my real-life next door neighbour started dating a new guy who seemed to promise her the world I’d be happy for her. But what if soon after, it became clear that she was becoming brainwashed? What if soon I noticed new bruises as we said “hello” from our back porches? What if she started becoming mean and hurtful to anyone who asked if she was okay? Then, what if one night I heard yelling and screaming from her house. What if I looked through my kitchen window and saw him hit her. What if I was witnessing this and feared for her life?

There is no doubt in my mind that I would call the police right away and report the incident. Not because I’m a nosy neighbour but because I would fear that if I didn’t he could really hurt her. Is it not our duty as people of this earth to look out for each other and help each other when we are at our weakest?

So here I am, using my platform to scream from the rooftops that you, America, are in an abusive relationship with Trump. He is using incoherent, non-factual information as he speaks in circles and confuses you. He has brought far too many of you to the dark side and it is terrifying to watch.

You are believing the garbage he is feeding to you and eating it up because you feel like there’s nothing else of substance to nourish your soul. Yes, I understand, you’re in a lesser of two evils position. I get it that the frustrations are all-consuming and you’re being forced to depend on a system that you no longer fully trust.

I get that you’re loyal Republicans. You love your party. You believe in your party. But I have a pair of antique pearls that are more Republican than Donald Trump. Can’t you see that he is not a true representation of this party you hold so close to your heart? He’s making a mockery of the ideals that mean so much to you.

It’s all very real but it’s not going to get better by putting your abuser in a position of power. It’s not going to get better by wasting your vote to prove a point. It’s not going to get better by sitting home, crossing your fingers, and hoping the outcome will be love instead of hate. If you’re so terrified about the state of your country, do something about it. The only problem is, depending on who you vote for you may never really have a chance to do anything about it.

So, I urge you, American people, to consider that the choices you are making are not only affecting you and your people. The decision you make will affect your friendly, northern neighbours up here in Canada too. Your decision will affect the entire world. I believe that love is stronger than hate. I believe that sometimes good people get stuck in situations they can’t remove themselves from, thinking that it’s for the best. I believe that we, as a united people, only want what’s best for us, our families, and this earth.

If you are stuck on being loyal to Trump’s disarray of a Presidential campaign, I urge you to look within and take notice that your neighbours are concerned about you, your safety, and your well-being. Your house is very close to burning down and setting the whole block on fire. Please, don’t let this happen.

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