The People Who Come Back to Us are for Keeps

We meet a lot of people throughout our lifetime. Sometimes we don’t even remember their names and other times we could never forget the way they touched our souls. There are the few people who wrap themselves so tightly around our hearts that we seem to take them with us wherever we go. They are entwined deep into our minds and the smallest things can trigger the biggest memories of them.

When you love a person so deeply it’s easy to believe the fates aligned perfectly, brought you together, and happily ever after is in your future. You fall hard, you love harder, and you never think you’ll break. Together you conquer the world but what happens when the world conquers what you have? What happens when fate rips you apart as quickly as it brought you together? What happens when one person loosens their grip and decides to move on, not realizing they are packing your heart into their suitcase when they leave?

It hurts and it stings. You hate them and you cry. You love them and you want them back. On your rollercoaster ride of emotional distress the only thing that seems constant is the love you have for them that refuses to decrease. The bond you felt with them is something you know was real and you can’t accept that they no longer feel it. You know they do and you know they will come back to you. One day.

long_distance_love_It’s important to let them go. It’s important to let them see what life is like without you. You try to move on and you find yourself going through the motions. No one compares but you try your best; you try to untangle your heart from the invisible stronghold that doesn’t want to subside. While you grieve, the one that got away might miss you too. Maybe they won’t. Maybe they move on quickly. This is their time to learn and to grow on their own, without you. Let them.

It doesn’t always happen cause, let’s face it, life isn’t always perfect but sometimes the stars do align. It could be years down the road when you have finally come to terms that the one that got away, isn’t coming back. When suddenly, like a shooting star, they come back into your life–out of nowhere and unexpected–bringing with them a brilliant glimmer of hope. Your guard might be up at first and nothing will prepare you for it, but your heart will feel full again.

Let them back in. Even if you are terrified of getting hurt again you need to know they are back because they too remember that bond. Their heart was always yours they just had to do some soul searching to prove it to themselves.  Don’t let that deter you. Everyone has their own way of dealing with things so just know that if they are back and laying their pride on the floor, they are being true. In fact, the lessons they learned when they were out in the real world, the hurt they felt at the hands of other people, will help them appreciate you in the long run and they won’t feel the need to wander again.

The people who come back to us, they are the special ones. They are for keeps. They are the reason fate exists and fairytales can come true. If you truly believe in the love you shared and you loved them enough to let them go, there is always a chance they can come back to you. Believe in your love, believe in your bond, but don’t stop living in the meantime because you are on your own journey and you need to grow as well. Have faith that the invisible string that connects your souls will stretch to the ends of the earth and never break.

Don’t put your life on hold waiting for that person to return though. You may regret it in the end. Don’t stop living and always find happiness whether you are alone or in love with someone else. You deserve to live your best life and no one can predict if, or when, that string will ever come all the way home. If it does, you know it’s forever.

It’s all for a reason,
The Love Hawk

9 thoughts on “The People Who Come Back to Us are for Keeps

  1. wow, increible post, literally I just went through all of this, my girlfriend and I were togheter for 5 years, someday she decided she nedeed a little bit of space and figure what she wanted in life, we spent two years apart, I dated other people and so did she and we have been togheter since 10 months ago, everything is incredibly better and we do feel amazing, there will be bumps on the road of life, but we know we can face them when the time comes

  2. This is so true, yes we are just sort of energy molecules in this universe, moving endlessly, trying to find our energy bond. Sometimes we bonded sometimes we don’t, constantly trying to find where we could permanently get stick until we do we never stop. And for some force of nature, we go back to the first molecules then we hinged. Oh boy! You are right, life is a circus and it’s a thrilling ride of a life time. Thank you for your si realistic post….

  3. I agree with this article, but only on the last part.
    It might be he/she keeps coming back because he/she only sees you as a backup plan…You need to protect your worth, and self-respect is very important.. You cannot be like a recycled garbage that is being thrown, picked up then thrown again..

    • I definitely agree that self-respect is off utmost importance and this article is more meant to reflect someone coming back into your life after being gone for a long period of time, rather than someone who consistently comes back to you as a back up plan. Thanks for your feedback, I agree that no one’s got time to be treated like recycled garbage. 😊

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