Rushing Love Will Only Slow You Down

These days, we do everything in a hurry. We are a fast-paced generation with not a second to spare and our relationships are suffering because of it. We all want to find love so badly that we rush it, we push it when it’s not there; we convince ourselves we have feelings just because we don’t want to be alone. So why don’t we all just slow down and enjoy each other? Why don’t we work on finding ourselves before trying so hard to find love in non-existent places?

findingLove_featurePhotoSZDLove can come to us in an instant but it can also take years to form a true bond with someone. It’s an impatient world and we don’t have years to wait, so often times we force our feelings and make ourselves believe in something that’s not there, but why? Are we scared to be alone? Are we so nervous that we’ll never find the right person that we settle for lackluster feelings and mediocre sex?

What our generation needs to do is stop rushing. Stop trying so hard to find “The One” and start understanding who we are on our own. Jumping from bed to bed stealing hearts as you go eventually gets old and it will only stroke your ego for so long. The harder you try to settle down the more you will start accepting relationships that don’t meet all your expectations, just ‘cause you’re scared to end up alone. Sometimes you can MacGyver a relationship all you want; turn it upside-down on its head and hold it together with duct tape, but at the end of the day you can only fool your heart for so long.

So, why don’t you start taking it slow and let love evolve on its own. If you like someone and enjoy their company, get to know their mind instead of their body and form a friendship instead of a sex-ship. Figure out why you want to be in a relationship so badly that you’ll settle for Joe Blow who hardly gives a shit, when Prince Charming might be just around the corner. Love is not a game but it can easily be won if you stop trying so damn hard. The truth is: the harder you try, the more desperate you seem, thus allowing Joe Blow to swoop in, get his piece without much effort and then be on his way.

Find somebody you enjoy. Get to know someone who makes you feel worthwhile. Open up to someone who lets you be yourself. Start slowing down and find a real connection. Stop settling for people just because you think you’re getting older and find a person who makes you feel young again. Meaningless relationships are good for only one thing: the lessons they teach you about what you don’t want.

Love at first sight does exist but the ultimate goal is to find someone you have looked at everyday for 50 years and still love them just the same.  So stop relying on quick hookups with randoms and start relying on yourself. If you want to keep wasting time with someone who won’t give you the future you want, well that’s fine too but you should really start understanding your true worth. Love is more than a few text messages, a meal at McDonald’s, and some drunken sex. Stop trying to find someone to live with and instead, find a person you can’t live without. Take your time, love yourself, and love someone who makes time stand still. Only then will you realize why rushing never got you anywhere.

Be patient,
The Love Hawk

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