Love Advice

The Love Hawk knows about relationships and she gives straight-up, no-fluff love advice that you can understand and relate to. She tells you what everyone else is thinking but too scared to admit.

If you’ve been looking for a place that will help you through those tough days, you’ve come to the right spot. Everyone is always fighting their own battles but knowing that someone else understands and is there to help you out can make things easier.

Be positive. Be nice. Be loved.


2 thoughts on “Love Advice

  1. In September, 2014, I will be launching a blog tour to promote my book, How to Lose Your Wife to Another Woman: A Memoir of a Mixed Orientation Marriage. I think your blog would be a perfect stop. Your audience looks to you for answers about sexuality and relationships. My book provides a personal look at a seldom-discussed social phenomenon. There are some two to three million straight spouses who are, or have been, in a mixed-orientation marriage with a spouse who is lesbian, gay or bisexual, and the numbers are still growing.
    I will be doing book giveaways, contests, live events, and more, and hope you’d like to be part of the fun. Some ideas I had for you in particular include:
    • “How to Find Out if Your Spouse is Gay: A Quiz”
    1. “Why do Most Mixed-Orientation Marriages Fail?”—Q&A
    • “I’m Not Hiding in Her Closet Anymore” —Blog post
    My 30-year career in television includes writing and producing on-air promotions for Disney, Fox, CBS and NBC. I won a Promax silver award while I was head of on-air promotions at Disney Channel.
    Thanks in advance for your consideration.
    James M Dellinger, publishing as Pen Name James Oliver Chapman

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